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Sakai Hôitsu (1761-1828)
Flowering plum
Signed: Uge Hôitsu hitsu
Seals: Ôson
Technique: colours on silk 90,8 x 31,8
Mounting: green god damask and olive green silk
ivory rollers, 182 x 34,8
Condition: fine

Hôitsu has become the founder of the Edo Rimpa School. He was born in Edo as the younger brother of Sakai Tadazone, Lord of the Himeji fief. In his samurai education he developed a lot of talents and skills. He was especially interested in haikai and painting. After his first studies with Bunnyo Shônin he retired at the age of 37 and moved to Asakusa, leading an elegant life practicing calligraphy, painting and haikai.

Hôitsu first studied Kanô painting under Kanô Takanobu (1740 -1794) and the Chinese style and flower painting of Shen Nanpin, under Sô Shiseki (1712-1786). He studied the Ukiyo-e style under Utagawa Toyoharu (1735-1814) and became under the influence of Tani Bunchô (1763-1840) with whom he became friends. He went on mastering the Tosa and Maruyama styles to finally meet with the Kôrin style which he since 1807 fully embraced. In 1815 he organized exhibitions of Kôrins work to commemorate his hundredth anniversary. Later, in 1823 he organized a show of Kenzan and again in 1826 on Kôrin. Throughout his whole career he continued working in the haiga style.

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