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Suzuki Shônen (1848-1918)
Plum tree and moon
Signed: Shônen Senshi hitsu
Seals: Suzuki Seken Shônen
Technique: sumi on paper 125,3 x 28,5
Date: on a spring day in 1906
Mounting: green gold damask and grey silk
bone (with ivory caps) rollers, 206 x 41,7
Condition: small glue stain at the mounting, otherwise very good

Shônen’s life-style is reflected in his paintings: bold and full of self-confidence.
Shônen had many important patrons to support him, and as a result he became an important painter in Kyoto. He was the son and pupil of the Kyoto Shijô artist Suzuki Hyakunen (1825-91). At a very early age he already achieved great skill and worked in a spontaneous, bold and impromptu manner. In 1881 he succeeded Konô Bairei (1844-95) at the Kyoto Art Academy, teaching Northern Chinese painting until 1888. In 1886 he also started teaching at the Kyoto Prefectural School of Painting, the same school he had attended as a pupil. In his later years Shônen became an extremely influential person in Kyoto art circles.

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