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Yasuda Rôzan (1830-1882)
Signed: -
Seals: Yasu[da] Rôzan, Tekken masen (bt)
Technique: sumi on paper 111,3 x 31,5
Mounting: blue crushed paper
wooden rollers, 180 x 44,5
Condition: very good

As a child Rôzan liked to paint and refused to follow his father’s profession of doctor. He went to Nagasaki where he studied with the Nanga painter/priest Sô Tetsuô (1791-1871). In 1864 he travelled to China. In Shang hai he studied with Hu Yûan. According to Tokugawa law it was forbidden to travel to China. He would be sentenced to death after his return, but waited until 1873 when the Meiji government allowed his return to Tokyo, where he was considered the leading local Nanga painter. His style is considered Chinese, utilizing light ink and slanted brushwork.

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