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Fujioka Ryûhô (born 1870) & Daimaru Hoppô (1879-1959)
Nanga / Kyoyaki
Kashibachi,, Cake bowl - Pine needles and cones
Signed: U Higashiyama Unchûga Ryuhô
Seals: Hoppô
Technique: Kyoyaki, wheel turned grey glazed pottery from Kyoto with gohonde and an underglaze decoration in black iron oxide, tetsu-e and the calligraphy in blue. Ø 19 x 9.2
Date: 1919, 3rd month
Box: signed: Ryuhô [seal:] Ryuhô gain
Condition: lightly soiled and a tiny hairline on the rim, otherwise fine

Ryûhô lived in Iyo province.

Araki p. 2520

Hoppô (Hokuhô) was born in Kaga in Ishigawa province. The Kutani ceramist Ôkura Seishichi (1835-1918) taught him to paint porcelain. In 1899 he went to Kyoto to study with Kitayama Sekisen. From 1906-09 Hopô was a professor in China at the Hunansheng zhitao xuetang, the Academy of ceramics in Hunan province, and at the same time he studied the history of Chinese porcelain. Back in Kyoto he concentrated on tea ceramics. He achieved many prizes at world exhibitions and also worked at the imperial court.
Hoppô would have been rated in the top 10 porcelain artists of Kyoto.

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