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Gôtô Shûgai (born 1886) & Takahashi Dôhachi VI (1881-1941)
Nanga / Sometsuke
Kashibachi,Cake bowl - Strong pine with Chinese poem
Signed: Shûgai dôshi
Seals: Dôhachi
Technique: Kyoyaki sometsuke (Seikaji) - Translucent blue and white porcelain with a hand painted cobalt blue tetsu-e underglaze decoration. Ø 16.6 x 7.7
Date: 1912 Taishô 1
Box: [seals:] ..in, Shûgai [signed:] Kachûtei Dôhachi raku [seals:] Dôhachi, Hoei Sanjin
Condition: fine

The calligraphy on the bowl reads: 幾經霜雪操 不改歲寒心
Grown strong by snow and frost again and again,
the pine tree stays untouched in the winter cold.

Takahashi Dôhachi VI was born in Kyoto as the second son of Dôhachi IV (Michiyori Kachûtei) (1845-1897). He studied with his father as well as with his brother Dôhachi V. He also studied at the Kyoto Municipal Ceramics Laboratory. He inherited the title after his brother’s death and he became Dôhachi VI in 1915. At the enthronement ceremony of Emperor Shôwa in 1928 he produced a large flower vase. Dôhachi VI was known for his blue white porcelain and sencha, ware.

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Shûgai was a pupil of Tachika Chikuson (1864-1922). He was born in Gifu ken, lived and worked in Kyoto.

Araki p. 1319

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