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Ema Tenkô (1825 -1901)
[Large] pine and reishi, sacred fungus
Signed: Tenkô Chokukyaku heidai
Seals: Sakaku, Ema Shôei & Shi ..ichi..chû
Technique: sumi on paper 145 x 77
Date: 1882 first day of spring
Mounting: cream silk
wooden rollers, 225 x 88
Condition: a few creases, otherwise good

Tenkô was the 6th son of the Shimosaka Kôrai (?) in Ômi. When he was 18 years old he studied medicin. His teacher, the medical doctor of the Ninnaji family Ema Ryûen adopted him. He then studied Western science in Osaka with Ogata Kôan (1810-1863) and Chinese literature with Yanagawa Seigan (1789-1858). Tenkô joined the loyalist group but in 1866 he became a servant for the Bakufu. This position he held until 1869 when he moved to Kyoto Higashiyama to found his own Confucianist school under the honorable lord Saionji. Tenkô is known as a famous poet in the Kansai area.

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