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Shiseki Renshu (1842-1914)
Õbaku Zenga
[Huge] plum [painting]
Signed: Shudôjin
Seals: Shu Shiseki, Õbaku Ichijô (tp)
Technique: sumi on paper 154.5 x 95.7
Date: On a Spring day of 1903 with flowers in full bloom
Mounting: light greyish green crushed paper
dark wooden rollers, 216 x 109.7
Condition: lightly soiled, creased and flaws, still fair

鐵幹撑天地 - This 'iron constitution' (this plum) supports heaven and earth.

Shiseki was the 43rd generation kanchô, head abbot of the Ôbaku Manpuku-ji. He was specialized in painting plum.

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