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Tanomura Chokunyû (1814-1907) & Seifu Yôhei III (1851-1914)

Natsu chawan, summer tea bowl - Bishô, smile
Signed: Kyujûsan ô (93) Chokunyû Dôjin chi
Seals: Seifu
Technique: Wheel-turned and handshaped cream crackled glazed Kyoyaki with a black tetsu-e underglaze calligraphy Ø 11 x 5,4
Date: 1906
Box: authorized by signed by Tansui Gyojin, a member of a younger Seifu generation
Condition: fine

The inscription reads: 微笑 Bishô, smile

Seifu Yohei III was the son of the Maruyama-school painter Okada Ryohei. He studied painting at the age of thirteen with Tanomura Chokunyû and pottery with Seifu Yohei II. He took over the Seifu workshop in 1872 and adopted the name Seifu III in 1878 after the death of his teacher. Building on family tradition he attempted to achieve complete mastery in the combination of ceramics and painting. He made great efforts to improve the quality of Kyoto wares. But unlike many potters of the time, was low production and tenacious in approach. He was a founding member of the potters’ associations of Awata and Kiyomizu Gojôzaka and of the Kyoto Ceramic Research Institute. Working in a Sino-Japanese style, he produced mainly for the domestic market and received many awards in Japan. In 1893 Seifu became the first ceramist to be admitted to the Teishitsu Gigei-in and in 1895 he was made a member of the Order of the Green Ribbon.

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