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Tanomura Chokunyû (1814-1907)
Chokunyû dôjin suiboku sansui ga jûshitei (Shogajô)
Signed: Yûkokusai dôjin Ichi (and others forms)
Seals: many different
Technique: sumi on paper in decorated damask covers 24 x 18
Date: day in the fall of 1906
Condition: some light ware on the covers, otherwise very good

1 Titel: 間念助與 Kannen jokiyô - Relief between desire and pleasure
2 Willow and fisherman
3 Poem
4 Cabin under trees
5 poem
6 Cabin under trees with waterfall
7 poem
8 Cabin in bamboo
9 poem
10 Drinking tea in autumn bush
11 poem
12 cold bush with gate
13 poem
14 Winterlandscape
15 colophon

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