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Tanomura Chokunyû (1814-1907)
Tea bowl - chawan: Fukurukuyu (Nankyokurōjin, the old man from the south pole star)
Signed: Kyujûsanô (93) Chokunyû dôjin
Technique: Kyoyaki, pottery from Kyoto, with cream coloured lightly crackled glaze and an tetsu-e iron oxide underglaze decoration. Ø 12,6 x 6,9
Date: 1906
Condition: fine

The inscription reads: Nankyokurōjin, the old man of the South Pole: His head is streched, his body shrunken; his old age as that of a mountain and happiness and virtue, they all come together in one person.
This description of Nankyokurōjin is a quote from a poem by the famous confucian and expert on criminal law in the service of the Sendai daimyô: Ashi Tōzan (1696-1776).

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