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Tomioka Tessai (1837-1924)
Sencha tea set: teapot - kyûsu, water cooler - yuzamashi and 5 tea cups - yunomi: “Sake nakasen”
Signed: Tessai
Technique: dark brown Kyoyaki with white slib on the inside and incised decorations on the outside tea pot: Ø 9 x (12 x 11,2) x 8,7 cooler: 7 x 8 x 4 cups: Ø 6 x 4,3
Box: new
Condition: fine

The inscriptoion reads: 酒中仙 “shuchûsen” - Immortal(s) in the wine
From Du Fu 杜甫: Yin zong ba xian ge 《飲中八仙歌》 Song on the eight immortals (Li Bai etc.) as they were drinking.

The son of heaven calls them to himself but they do not board,
themselves they say I'm an immortal in the wine.

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