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Tomioka Tessai (1837-1924), Takano Seihô (Goun), Ôbaku Dôgen Ninmyô (1877-1966)
Set of 6 yunomi tea cups with Daruma portraits
Signed: Tessai tetsu & Seihô zô
Technique: Sometsuke: porcelain with a cobalt blue and a little red underglaze decoration Ø 4 x 6,5
Box: signed by: Seihô and Ôbaku Dôgen
Condition: fine

Box inscription: 五条窯 鉄斎写 煎茶碗 五雲清鳳作 黄檗山主道元
Gojôyô Tessai sha sen chawan, 5 (?) pieces of pottery painted by Tessai, cups for green tea,
[signed:] Goun Seihô saku [seal:] Goun Seihô and [signed:] Ôbaku sanshû Dôgen [seals:] Ôbaku sanshû & Dôgen

Ôbaku Dôgen Ninmyô was the 52nd generation head of the Manpukuji.
The Ōbaku-san Manpuku-ji is a temple located in Uji, Kyoto. It is the head temple of the Japanese Ōbaku Zen sect, named after Wanfu Temple in Fujian, China. The mountain is likewise named after Mount Huangbo, where the Chinese temple is situated.

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The Goun kiln was founded in 1909 by Takano Seihô together with the Ôbaku sect from Manpuki-ji. After 1947 it became Hiraki Kama.