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Tomioka Tessai (1837-1924) & Takahashi Dôhachi V (1869-1914)

Shubin (Tokkuri), Sake bottle
Signed: Tessai shiten (seal script), Dôhachi
Technique: Kyoyaki sometsuke (Seikaji) - Translucent blue and white porcelain with a hand painted cobalt blue underglaze decoration. Ø 7 x 11,5
Condition: fine

1. Confucius quote from the “Lunyu” (10.8):  唯酒無量,不及亂。
Drink as much one can achieve without "disorder" (= drunkenness).
(standard translation: Drink in moderate amounts.)

Takahashi Dohachi V (original name Ogawa Yūnosuke) was the son of Dôhachi IV (1845-1897). He took control of the kiln in 1897 until 1915 when his younger brother Dôhachi VI (Kachûtei) (1881-1941) continued the business.
The Dôhachi family was one of the three most famous families of potters in Kyoto.