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Tomioka Tessai (1836-1924) and Yasuda Shôsai II (act 1913-1929)
Hibachi, stove - Ran, orchids
Signed: Tessai Gaishizô and Shôsai saku
Technique: Grey crackled Kyoyaki with a black tetsu-e, iron oxyde underglaze decoration and calligraphy Ø 21 x 22,8
Condition: fine

The poem reads:
Richly dew with a deep scent drips on the beautiful green,
cool clouds weaving through the moon over the lightly autumnal river.
The whole area of the Yuan and Xiang [rivers] in spring finery,
who says the memorial temple of King Huai is full [of people].

King Huai (? -296 BC) from the Chu state, is located in the area of the Yuan and Xiang in Hunan Province.

Poem by Yang Ji 楊 基 (1326-?), accompanying a picture representing Orchids.

Yasuda Shôsai II is the second generation of the Kiyomizu kiln Shôsai. In 1913 Shôsai II took over the kiln from his father who was specialized in sculptered pottery . He passed it on to the 3rd gen. in 1929.

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