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Suzuki Hyakunen (1825-1891)
fishing at leisure in Autumn
Signed: Hyakunen genjin sha
Seals: Sanmanrokusen-nichi *, Hitsuka
Technique: colours on paper 30,1 x 22,3
Mounting: blue gold decorated silk fabric and beige damask
bone rollers, 120 x 26,9
Box: inscribed by Kobayakawa Shûsei (1889-1974)
Condition: fine

* (36.000 days = 100 years = Hyakunen)

Suzuki Tosho, a pioneer Japanese astronomer, was the father of Hyakunen. He lived in Kyôto. Hyakunen studied first with Yokoyama Kakei (1816-1864), and then independently various Chinese and Japanese styles. He was influenced by Onishi Chinnen (1792-1851). Hyakunen taught for a while at the Kyoto Prefectural School of Painting. He received awards at the 1st and 2nd exhibitions of the Naikoku Kaiga Kyôshinkai. He became specialized in landscape, following the traditions of the Shijô school, though toward the end of his life he turned to Nanga.

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