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Ueda Kôchô (1788-1850)
Shinkamô, mallards
Signed: Kôchô
Seals: Shûsui
Technique: colours on paper 122,1 x 52,7
Mounting: green brown damask
black wooden rollers, 187 x 66,5
Condition: some old wormage, new mounting. Very good

Kôchô lived in Osaka. He studied with Go Shun (1752-1811) and most probably also with the Osaka painters Nagayama Kôin (1765-1849) and Nakai Rankô (1766-1830).
Kôchô was a skilled calligrapher and an expert on old paintings and he became a goyo eshi (painter-in-residence) at the shogunal court.

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