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Yoshitsugu Haizan (1846-1915)
In the shade of foliage
Signed: Kaisei rônen Haizan
Seals: Haizan Hidarite, Haizan .. kô gain, .. .. (top), Kôzan seifû sankan meigetsu (bottom)
Technique: colours on satin 150.2 x 43.8
Date: 1891 October (Indian Summer)
Mounting: blue decorated damask
black wooden rollers, 220 x 60.5
Condition: fine


Yesterday I used the shades of the voliage to escape from the power of the heat
Today the yellow leafs of the flowers flutter around
I wiil make sure that the plum [trees] in autmn will be cool
in the wind, it seems to rustle and then again not.

Haizan was the son of a minor Nanga painter from Fukuoka, Kyûshû. In his early years he studied calligraphy with Hirose Tansô (1782-1856). In Kyoto he became a pupil of Nakanishi Kôseki (1807-1884). In 1871 he injured his right hand and only could use his left and called him self Hidaraite (left hand). In 1878 he went to China to study painting.

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