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Hasegawa Gyokuhô (1822-1879)
Great tit and tamarinde [shizirukara]
Signed: Gyokuhô
Seals: Chô (Ha)[segawa] Gyokuhô
Technique: colours on paper 122,3 x 52,5
Mounting: green damask and beige silk
bone rollers, 206 x 67,5
Box: Authorized by his son Hasegawa Gyokujun (1864-1921)
Condition: a little soiled and foxing in the top of the mounting, otherwise good

Gyokuhô is considered one of the last true Shijô painters. He was a pupil of Matsumura Keibun (1780-1843). In all respects a wonderful pupil, his kachôga are hard to distinguish from that of his teacher.

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