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Katô Bunrei (1706-1782)
Cuckoo and Fuji
Signed: Kyûgo Kai Yosai Tô Bunrei
Seals: Shokô
Technique: sumi on silk 91 x25,1
Mounting: brown silver damaskand brown silk
bone rollers, 170 x 29
Condition: aged; a little soiled, some wormage, otherwise good

Bunrei was the sixth son of Katô Yasutsune, a feudal lord of Iyo Province.
He was adopted by a relative who brought him to Edo where he entered the shogun’s service. In 1753 he resigned and began to study painting. Although specializing in portraits, he also produced landscapes and kachôga. He was an amateur painter of high quality, best known as the teacher of Tani Bunchô (1763-1840).

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