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Okutani Shûseki (1871-1936)
李白観瀑 - Li Bai watching a waterfall
Signed: Heian Shûseki dôjin heisha
Seals: Kôin, Shûseki, unread (tp & bt)
Technique: sumi on paper 134,2 x 34,4
Mounting: brown damask
wooden rollers, 202,5 x 46,2
Box: signed
Condition: lightly toned, otherwise very good

Li Bai or Li Po (701-762) was a Chinese poet. Li Bai is often regarded, along with Du Fu as one of the two greatest poets in China's literary history.
He was part of the group of Chinese scholars called the "Eight Immortals of the Wine Cup" in a poem by fellow poet Du Fu.

Shûseki was born in Osaka and lived in Kyôto. First he studied under Jû Shuntô (1833-1904) and later with Mori Kansai (1814-1894). Among the Young painters association under the guidance of Hashimoto Gahô (1835-1908) and Kawabata Gyokushô (1842-1913), he was well complimented for his paintings and, after 1911, he was a prize-winner at numerous exhibitions. He founded his own art school.

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