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Hasegawa Gyokujun (1864-1921)
水郷 Suigô - Village at the water
Signed: Gyokujun
Seals: Minamoto Gyokujun in
Technique: sumi and green on paper 123,2 x 44,8
Mounting: bronze green damask
193 x 58,8
Condition: some surface damage by silver fish, otherwise very nice

Gyokujun was born in Kyoto in a family of painters. He was the eldest son of the Shijô-style painter Hasegawa Gyokuho (1822-1879). Hasegawa Gyokusui was his younger brother.
In 1881 he became a committee member, along with Takeuchi Seiho and other artists, of the Seinen Sakka Konshin Kurabu (Young Painter Support Club) and served as a judge at exhibitions held by the Kyōto Seinen Kaiga Kyōshinkai (Kyoto Youth Painting Support Group). He won prizes at several national and international expositions, including the Chicago Columbian World’s Fair (1893), the Fourth National Industrial Exposition (1895), and the first exhibition of the Nihon Kaiga Kyōkai (Japan Painting Association).
After a spell working as an art teacher at elementary schools, in 1907 he moved to Otsu on the southwest shore of Lake Biwa where he taught at the Women’s Vocational School, but returned to Kyoto after the start of the Taisho era.

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