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Daishin Gitô (1656-1730)
Menpeki Daruma - Daruma facing the wall
Signed: Daishin tô
Seals: Gitô noin & Kon ... (illegable)
Technique: sumi on paper 59,7 x 27,4
Mounting: brown raw silk and light blue paper
black lacquered rollers, 141,5 x 32,1
Box: bears inscription that it has been remounted in the second month of 1767
Condition: minor flaws at the top of the mounting, otherwise very good

At the age of ten Daishin entered the Daitoku-ji. He received his training and in 1683 his Inka from Tenrin Sôkotsu (1625-1696), a disciple of Seigan Sôi (1588-1661). Daishin gradually rose through the ranks and became head of the Kôtô subtemple in Kyoto in 1686. In 1709 he became 273rd generation Abbott of the entire monastery. Soon thereafter he was summoned to Edo and appointed Chief of the Tôkai-ji, the most prestigious official position in the Zen community.

Before his death he returned to the Daitoku-ji and headed a number of subtemples. Daishins main contribution to the Daitoku-ji was to collect and restore the books and documents relating to the history of the temple, over sixty thousand alone. On the history and ideology of Buddhism he wrote some thirty books.

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