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Hishida Shunsô (1874-1911)
Kei kan no Chō - Distant valley in the morning
Signed: Shunsô
Seals: Shunsô
Technique: colours on silk 130 x 37,4
Mounting: yellow bronze damask and beige silk
204 x 52
Box: Double box, authorized by Hishida Haruo (1902-1986), Yokoyama Taikan (1868-1958), Kimura Buzan (1876-1942), Shimomura Kanzan (1873-1930) & Terazaki Kogyo (1866-1919)
Condition: Newly backed, otherwise very good

His eldest son Hishida Haruo studied with Yokoyama Taikan. He was the secretary general of the Nihon bijutsuin (Japanese At institute) and the expert on his father’s works.

Shunsô was born in Nagano-ken. In 1895 he graduated from The Tokyo School of Fine Arts where he studied with Hashimoto Gahô (1835-1908). In 1898 with his former school director Okakura Tenshin (1863-1913) and some of his classmates they founded the Nihon Bijiutsuin. During 1903-1904 with his friend Yokoyama Taikan (1868-1958) he travelled to India, the U.S. and Europe. After their return they experimented with a style called môrôtai bossen, dimness style. no outlines and western manners like chiaroscuro (Clair-obscure).
In 1908 his eyesight start to deteriorate and he had to stop painting. After a brief recovery he died of a kidney disease in 1911 completely blind.

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