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Shinso Mizuno (1903-1995)
Modern Nihonga
Reizan kajitsu - Sacred mountain on a summer day
Signed: Shinso saku
Seals: ..
Technique: colours on silk 44,5 x 49,5
Date: 1948 on a summers day
Mounting: light green damask and beige raw silk
bone rollers, 150 x 67,2
Box: signed
Condition: very lightly soiled and faded, otherwise very good

Mizuno Shinso (1903-1995) the grandson of Mizuno, Toshikata (1866-1908) was born in Kyoto. He graduated at the Kyoto School of Painting and came under the tutelage of Nishiyama Suisho (1879-1958). Shinso exhibited extensively with the National Teiten/Bunten/Nitten exhibitions, the Kyo-Ten, The Governmental Foreign Relations department bought his work as gifts to visiting dignitaries.

Shinso was an artist of the Sosaku Hanga movement. In 1947 he contributed to the series "Twelve Views of Kyoto" published by Unsodô from Kyoto.

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