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Kishi Gan Rei (1816-1883)
Handscroll with 15 Miscellaneous subjects
Signed: HokuhĂ´ Ganrei sha
Seals: Gan Rei
Technique: sumi and some little colours on paper 28,5 x 780
Date: 1879
Condition: fine

1. Lotus
2. Orchid
3. Chrysanthemum
4. Plum blossom
5. Rock and reishi, sacred fungus
6. Mount Fuji
7. Aubergines
8. Wisteria
9. Crane
10. Minogame, long tailed turtle
11. House under a flowering plum
12. Camelia
13. Pines
14. Reclining ox
15. flowering lotus

Gan Rei was born in Kyoto. He was the son of Gan Tai (1782-1865) and the younger brother of Gan Kei (1811-1848). He studied with his father as well with Gan Kei. After 1868 Gan Rei moved to Tokyo and received the court rank of Sakon Shogen.

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