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Hine Taizan, (1813-1869)
14 Landscapes
Signed: Sha u Taizan rôjô* Hi Shônen, Taizanjin
Seals: Hi Naga (Hine Morinaga), Shônen
Technique: sumi and some colours on paper 18 x 12
Date: 1855
Condition: worn covers, very lightly soiled, otherwise very good

14 double pages in worn brown damask covers:

1. Cabin at the water under plumblossom
2. Fishing in a boat under willows
3. Walking towards a village on the otherside of the bridge
4. Making tea under pines near a torrent
5. Li Po at a waterfall
6. Scholars watching full moon
7. Winter fishing from a snowed hut
8. Fishing on a lake
9. Coming home
10. High peaks and temple roofs
11. Overlooking the bay
12. Walking the cow in autumn
13. Village at a lake
14. Visiting a friend in the winter

Taizan considered himself an amateur scholar with a bunjin lifestyle, but he consistently acted the opposite by boasting and being drunk. He was born in Izumi, a village close to Osaka. In his early years he lived under the patronage of the wealthy shipping merchant Satoi Fukyû, who introduced Taizan to Okada Hankô (1782-1846) in 1842. Soon thereafter he was also introduced to Nukina Kaioku (1778-1863) in Kyoto, who became his teacher. When Taizan moved to Kyoto in 1846 he studied briefly with the Nagasaki painter-monk Hidaka Tetsuô (1791-1871), who visited Kyoto around that time.
Taizan was a popular artist among the Kansai aristocracy and he had many patrons and friends like Yanagawa Seigan (1789-1858), Nakabayashi Chikkei (1816-67) and Tesseki (1817-63).

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