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Hrafuku Suian (1844-1890)
24 miscellaneous subjects
Signed: Suian sha
Seals: Suian
Technique: colours on paper 24,3 x 36,5 (29,8 x 40 )
Box: blue silk shitsu
Condition: all have centerfolds and are rebound in silk mount, a little wormage, otherwise very good

24 double pages in green brown damask:

1. Sitting crane
2. Pine and sun
3. Bamboo
4. Mount Fuji seen from a path
5. Plumblossom and teapot
6. Flowering orchid
7. White camelia
8. Swallow and willow
9. Flowering loquat
10. Cuckoo in the rain flying over a torii
11. Irisses
12. Bamboo
13. Palm shoots
14. Gull on a pole
15. Banana leafs
16. Gentian and ...
17. Cedar and moon
18. Coronation and ..
19. Hagi
20. Suzuki and ..
21. Kaki
22. Daikon, renkon (lotus root and kuwai
23. Snacks (dried persimon?)
24. Okame mask

Suian was born in Akita ken as the son of dyer. First he studied under the local painter Takemaura Bunkai. He then went to Kyoto for further training. Later in life he lived in both Tokyo and Akita. He was specialized in painting animals.

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Araki 2647

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