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Kanô Tsunenobu (1636-1713)
Oshidori - Pair of (Male and female) mandarin ducks -
Signed: Tsunenobu hitsu
Seals: Fujiwara
Technique: colours on silk 34,4 x 54,9
Mounting: brown gold damask and green bronze damask
ivory rollers, 120 x 66,8
Box: inscribed
Condition: aged. cracked horizontal fold, toned, otherwise good

An authorisation note dated from 1846, or 1906 ?

When Kanô Naonobu (1607-1650) died his son Tsunenobu, then only 15 years old became a pupil of his uncle Kanô Tan'yû (1602-1674). He succeeded to the Kanô estate at Kobikichô and was in attendance as court painter at the Sentô Palace. In 1704 he was given the rank of hôgenand 5 years later that of hôin.
Like Tan’yû Tsunenobu was interested in sketching from life. He also had a deep knowledge of japanese poems.

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