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Ekaku Hakuin (1685-1768)
Daruma yûsuzu - Bodhidharma enjoying the cool of the evening
Signed: -
Seals: -
Technique: sumi on paper 36.3 x 49,4
Mounting: green paper
red lacquered rollers, 115 x 60,5
Condition: browned, a few waterstains and wormage at the top of the mounting, still fair

The haiku reads: よしあしの葉をひつぶひて夕涼み - Yoshiashi no / yô ohitsubu hite / yûsuzumi
Enjoying the cool of the evening seated on rush and reeds (good and evil)

Hakuin Ekaku was one of the most influential figures in Japanese Zen Buddhism. He is regarded as the reviver of the Rinzai school from a moribund period of stagnation, refocusing it on its traditionally rigorous training methods integrating meditation and koan practice.

Comp Brasch 1961 # 30
Hakuin 1978 # 31
And many monographs