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Kuzuhara Teru (born 1915)
Bijin okubi-e
Signed: Teru
Seals: Kai (Umi?)
Technique: colours and silver on silk 46 x 50.4
Mounting: bronze brocade and light blue raw silk
gold lacquered rollers, 95 x 61.5
Condition: very good

Teru Kuzuhara was born in Yamaguchi, she was the second daughter of the rich businessman and politician Ihei Kuzuhara (1879- 1942). After secondary school she studied painting with the bijin painter Yamakawa Shûhô (1898-1944). After his death she became a pupil of Ito Sinsui (1898-1972). In the 1950s she made sets of flower prints with Unsodô.

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