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Kitano Gempô (1842-1933)
Rinzai Zenga
Fuji and pines
Signed: Eihei Gempô hachijûshi (85)
Seals: Choku ji shi en shô mei shû zen kô, Gempô Daiin, Shôji futô (tp)
Technique: sumi on paper 124,6 x 32,1
Date: 1925
Mounting: green bronze damsak and beige silk
bone rollers, 208 x 45,8
Condition: some foxing, otherwise good

Inscription reads: 乾坤第一峰、Kenkon dai ippô
Heaven and earth (the universe) meet at the highest peak, or (The mountain of matchless noble beauty.)

Gempô was born in Echizen (Fukui ken). In 1850 at the age of nine he entered into a temple. When he was 17 years old he moved to Edo where he didn't stay but moved along various temples to pursue his studies. In 1863, 22 years old, he was accepted in the Seishô-ji where he left four years later to stay at the Eihei-ji in Echizen, the head temple of the Sôtô school, which was founded in 1244 by Kigen Dôgen (1200-1253). In 1873 Genpô was appointed chief priest of the Seishô-ji in Tokyo, an office he retired from in 1905.

In 1920 until his death he was appointed 67th head of the Eihei-ji, which meant head of the entire Sôtô school.

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