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Shuku Sanpō (1902-1994)
Modern Nihonga
Spring orchids
Signed: Shuku Sanpō
Seals: Nihon .. uji San ..
Technique: sumi and some green on paper 32,7 x 23,7
Mounting: brown silk and beige silk
ivory rollers, 119 x 37
Box: signed
Condition: very good

Sanpō was born in Niigata Prefecture. He graduted at the Tokyo School of fine arts and studied with the Western style painter Kuroda Seiki (1866 -1924) and and japanese style painting with Kaburagi Kiyokata (1878-1973) and Kobayashi Kôkei (1883 - 1957). He exhibited at the Teiten and the Inten. He was specialized in kachôga, birds and flowers and portraiture.

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