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Imao Keinen (1845-1924)
Natane hibari - Rapeseed and skylark
Signed: Keinen
Seals: Keinen
Technique: colours on paper 116.5 x 30.9
Mounting: azure gold brocade
ivory rollers, 197 x 44.8
Box: double box authorized in 1924 by Imao Keishô (1902-1993), adopted son and pupil.
Condition: fine

Imao Keinen studied under Suzuki Hyakunen (1825-1891). During the uprisings marking the end of the Tokugawa regime the Imao house was destroyed. Released from his family's business he was able to devote all his time to art and he established his own studio in 1868 where he trained many students. In 1888 he started teaching at the Kyôto Art Academy. He was a dedicated teacher, who always took much effort and who was greatly concerned with the progress of his pupils.

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