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Hashimoto Dokuzan (1869-1938)
Pleasure boating
Signed: Nan'en sha heiroku
Seals: Dokuzan Nan'en
Technique: sumi on paper 35,7 x 43,7
Mounting: green gold damask and beige silk
bone rollers, 130 x 48
Condition: Mounted album sheet. glue stains in the mounting, some light creases, otherwise good

Dokuzan received his inka, certification of enlightenment from Gazan Shôtei (1853-1900). He practiced Zen at the Tenryû-ji under Ryôen Genseki (1842-1918), and at the same time studied painting with Tomioka Tessai (1836-1924). In 1900 he became the abbot of Rokuô-in. He was invited to be Zen master of Nanshu-ji monastery in Sakai, Osaka in 1910 Dokuzan became kanchô, superintendent, of the Shôkoku-ji branch in 1911. He retired to Rinko-in in 1921, but in 1927 he founded the Nan'en-ji in Tottori Prefecture.

Shôtenkaku bijutsukan 1988
Moog p. 82

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