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1.1 Takahashi Dôhachi I (1740-1804) (attr.to) with Taigadô II (Shukuya), or III (Geppô))
Aka-e chawan, red decorated tea bowl - the Heart Sutra together with a landscape
Signed: Taigadô, Dôhachi
Seals: illegable
Technique: Grey crackled kyôyaki, with an aka-e, red overglaze painting and calligraphy Ø 12,8 x 9
Date: c.1800
Condition: aged and old flaws (cracks in the glaze), otherwise very good

Taigadô II , Aoki, Shukuya (c.1735-1802), or Taigadô III, Yamaoka Geppô (1760-1839)

Takahashi Dohachi I (Shofutei) (1742 - 1804)
Dohachi was the second son of Takahashi Hachirô, a retainer of the Kameyama fief in Ise. At the age of 25 he moved to Kyoto where he studied with the kyômizu potter Okuda Eisen (1753-1811) and established himself at Awata. He was an expert bamboo carver, as well as a potter of tea ware for the chanoyu. After his death in 1804 he was succeeded by his son Dohachi II (1783-1855). His skill delivered the family its reputation.