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1.2 Aoki Shukuya (c.1735-1802)
A bridge playing with moon
Signed: Yo Shukuya sha
Seals: Yo Shummei, Yo Shukuya
Technique: sumi and little colour on paper 27,3 x 65,5
Mounting: bronze silk
lacquered rollers, 107,5 x 68,7
Condition: a little wrinkled and some slight silverfish damage around the seal, otherwise very good

Shukuya lived in Kyoto. He was born in Ise, possibly from Korean parents. He was adopted by Nakagawa Tenju (..-1795), who was an acquaintance of Ike no Taiga (1723-1776) and Kô Fûyô (1722-1784). When he was about fourteen Shukuya became a pupil of Taiga. He became his best pupil and he remained his closest follower. After Taiga’s death the Taiga society erected a memorial hall: ”Taigadô” and in 1787 they installed Shukuya as Taigadô II. His duties were to maintain the Taiga heritage and the newly built Taiga Hall. There he lived as a recluse for more than ten years, neglecting the maintenance, and working in his own chosen variant of Taiga’s style. As this was not in line with the ideals of the Taiga society, his tenure was taken over by his fellow Taiga student, the priest Yamaoka Geppô (1760-1839).

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