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38.2 Shimizu Kôshô (1911-1999) with Masando Ôshio VIII (1933-)
Sara, plate – Juzan banjô, Old tree on an ancient mountain of infinite height.
Signed: Kôshô
Seals: Akahadayama Masando
Technique: Pink Akahadayaki from Nara, with black, white and blue underglaze decoration Ø 34,3 x 6,7
Box: signed by both artist and potter
Condition: fine

Kôshô was born in Himeji. In 1927 he entered the Tôdai-ji in Nara. Upon graduating in Buddhist studies from Ryûkoku University in 1933, he took up residence at the Tenryû-ji for four years to study and practice Zen under the guidance of the Abbot Seki Seisetsu (1877-1945). In 1947 he became director of Tôdai -ji High School. In 1959 he was appointed director of the Monks' Academy (Kangakuin) at Tôdai-ji, and in 1963 became director of Tôdai-ji Girls' School and Tôdai -ji Kindergarten.
1969 marked a turning point in Kôshô's career, when he was appointed Head of Religious Affairs of the Kegon Tradition. In 1975 Kôshô was chosen to be the 207th abbot of Tôdai-ji, but he already resigned in 1981. For the remaining 18 years of his life, Shimizu Kôshô was a prolific “eccentric” painter, calligrapher and figurative potter.

Ôshio Masando is the eighth generation head of the Akahadayama kiln, which was built in the Edo period and is situated at Mount Akahada in Nara.

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