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2.1 Nichôsai (1751-1802/3)
Toba / Sometsuke
Set of 5 tea cups: Bon odori, Bon festival dance
Signed: Nichôsai
Seals: Kakihan
Technique: White egg shell porcelain with an underglaze blue decoration in kobalt blue Ø 9,5 x 4,3 (5x)
Date: c. 1802
Box: Authenticated by Mizuochi Roseki (1872-1919)
Condition: fine

Mizuochi Roseki (1872-1919) was a haiku and waka poet from Osaka, an authority on Buson and a friend of Shiki, (Norio p. 249)(Araki p. 2720)(Vander Walle p. 82 (# 10-11)

The outside decoration shows seven figures celebrating Obon, a festival held in August to honour the spirits of the dead. The inside decoration shows three festival lanterns.

Nichôsai was the art-name of Matsuya Heizaburô, a sake brewer and curio dealer of Osaka who was also a comic writer, writer of plays for bunraku, the puppet theatre, and producer of kyôga - light-hearted, comic pictures.

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