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14.2 Hirao Chikka (1856-1939) with Heian Hakuun (dates unknown)
Akaraku chawan, red raku tea bowl - Mt. Fuji
Signed: Chikka ..nen rokujûyûhachi (68)
Seals: Hakuun
Technique: Handshaped glazed akaraku,red raku from the Ôbaku Sôdôyaki kiln Ø 1,51 x 7,8
Date: autumn of 1922
Box: signed by both potter and painter, chaikin sealed
Condition: fine

The waka reads: 富士の根の、うすくれなひに、にほふかせ、あけゆくそらの、雲にそびへて。
Fuji no ne no usukurenai ni niou kaze akeyuku sora no kumo ni sobiete.

Wind gives forth scent over the light-red slope of mount Fuji
And while the heaven clear it rises above the clouds.

Chikka was born as the son of a potter in the service of the kiln of the daimyô of Sasayama, Tanba prefecture (present day Hyôgu). In Kyoto Chikka became a pupil of the Shijô school painter Shiokawa Bunrin (1808-1877). After his death Chikka studied with the Nanga painter Tanômura Chokunyû (1814-1907). He traveled extensively on his own as well with his teacher, to absorb the various local traditions. He was a founding member of the Nihon Nanga-in organization of painters and an important Nanga painter in the Taishô and early Shôwa years

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