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16.1 Hattori Sekisen (1864-1920) with Takahashi Dôhachi VI (1881-1941)
Rock garden: Kimigayo - Japan's National Anthem
Signed: Sekisen
Seals: Dôhachi
Technique: Kyôyaki, grey Kyoto earthenware, with an underglaze decoration in iron brown pigment. Ø 18,6 x 9
Date: 1915
Box: signed by bother painter and potter
Condition: fine

Bowl made to commemorate the inauguration of Emperor Taishô on November 14-15, 1915.

Sekisen was born in Nagoya, son of the painter Hattori Unsen (b. 1831). He also studied with Okamura Sekiran (1834-1895) and Kishi Chikudô (1826-1897).

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Takahashi Dôhachi VI was born in Kyoto as the second son of Dôhachi IV (1845-1897). He studied with his father as well and his brother Dôhachi V (1869-1914) but also studied at the Kyoto Municipal Ceramics Laboratory. He inherited the title after his brother died in 1915 and he became Dôhachi VI in 1915. Dôhachi VI was known for his blue white porcelain and sencha ware.

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