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22.1 Okutani Shûseki (1871-1936) with Sawamura Tôsai I (?-1941)
Chawan, tea bowl - Tsukushi, Field horsetail
Signed: Shûseki sai
Seals: Tôsai
Technique: Grey wheel turned kyôyaki with a blue tetsu-e uderglaze decoration Ø 12 x 6,8
Box: signed by Shûseki
Condition: fine

Box inscription: 登る年爾盤 /たらねど / 心 / 徒具も /もも(百百) / ま傳
Toru toshi ni ha / taranedomo / kokoro / tsukumo momo made
I have not reached one hundred years old yet, but wish my life to reach 99 (tsukumo) years old or 100 (momo) years old.

Shûseki was born in Osaka and lived in Kyoto. He studied with Mori Kansai (1814-1894). At the Young Painters Association under the guidance of Hashimoto Gahô (1835-1908) and Kawabata Gyokushô (1842-1913) he was praised for his paintings, and after 1911, he won prizes at numerous exhibitions and he started his own school.

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Tôsai I started the Sawamura kiln at Gojô near Kiyomizudera around 1919. After his death in 1941, the kiln was passed on to the second generation

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