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23.4 Yamamoto Sekisô (1872-1944)
Fisherman in a boat in a landscape
Signed: Oite Bisei kakushi Sekisô sanjin
Seals: .. in, Sekisô, Sanchû .. .. (tp)
Technique: sumi and touches of colour on satin and many of his impu (seal prints) 186.5 x 38.2
Date: 1912
Box: inscribed
Condition: good

行到渡頭霜未乾 / 蕭蕭疎樹曉風清 / 摩天山骨巖巖瘦 / 鳥道斜斜幾屈盤。

When I arrive at the ferry, the ripe has not yet disappeared.
The trees are beautiful and lush in the fresh early morning breeze.
The ridge reaches to the heavens where it ends in a slender rock.
The narrow mountain path is steep and winding.

Sekisô, also known as Sekiyô was a Nanga painter from Handa Owari Province (Nowadays Aichi prefecture). He was the son and pupil of Yamamoto Baisô (1846-1921). Baisô, a pupil of Nukina Kaioku (1778-1863), was considered to be one of the three Nanga masters together with Kodama Katei (1841-1913) and Yoshitsugu Haizan (1846-1915).
Sekisô ‘decorated’ a lotInuyamayaki, often cooperation with the famous Owari potter Matsumoto Shigenobu (1864-1950).

Araki p. 483

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