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24.1 Yamada Kôun (1878-1956)
Kaki ni kotori - White eye (Zosterops japonicus) and kaki
Signed: Kôun saku
Seals: Seizan Shin ..
Technique: colours on paper 42 x 47.1
Mounting: light brown gold brocade and beige silk
ceramic rollers, 139,5 x 60,7
Box: signed
Condition: fine

Kôun, a pupil of Kikuchi Hôbun (1862-1918) was born in Kyoto. He exhibited in 1918 at the Bunten and in 1926 at the Teiten. From 1915 through 1918 Kôun and his teacher Hôbun were in The Hague in the Netherlands to work on the Japanese room at the Peace Palace.

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