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26.4 Mitsui Hanzan (1881-1934)
Bôtan - Peony
Signed: Hanzan Itsushi sha
Seals: Hanzan Itsushi, Shinkô seichô (bt)
Technique: sumi and gold on paper 135.6 x 33.7
Mounting: grey green raw silk
dark wooden rollers, 203 x 46.7
Box: signed
Condition: very good

Mitsui Hanzan was born Kagawa province. He was a pupil of the Nanga painter Toichi Ôyô. After his death he went to Kyoto and became a pupil of Tanomura Chokunyû (1814-1907). in 1922 with Ikeda Keisen (1863-1931) Konô Shûson (1890-1987) and Tachika Chikuson (1864-1922) Hanzan founded the Nihon Nanga'in, the Japanese Nanga Academie.

Araki p. 2305
Aburai p. 370

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