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30.1 Okada Sekirei (1886-1960) with Katô Shunji (1892-1979) poem by Raisuijin
Seto Tenmoku
Kashibachi, cake bowl - Tanpopo, dandylion
Signed: Sekirei ga, Raisuijin
Seals: Aoigama
Technique: Seto Tenmoku earthenware with an underglaze decoration
Box: Signed by Shunji, Raisuijin and Sekirei

Poem: なつかしや霞の中の人の㒵
Natsukashi ya/ kasumi no nakano / hito no kao
So dear to me, these faces of people, in the mist

Sekirei was born in Aichi prefecture. He studied painting with Okumura Sekitei (1874-1945) and Kawakita Kahô (1875-1940).

Katô Shunji (1892-1979), like Sekirei, was born in Aichi.
Setoyaki is pottery from Seto, also in Aichi prefecture. Seto Tenmoku bowls are named after a temple on Mount Tenmoku where, during the Song dynasty monks of the Zen sect used this technique for tea bowls.

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