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33.1 Aoki Daijô (1891-1979) with Shûrin
Modern Nihonga
Ezara, picture dish - Kaki fruit
Signed: Daijô & AO
Seals: Shûrin
Technique: grey gohonde kyôyaki with a fine crackled glaze and an overglaze painting Ø 16,4 x 2,3
Condition: fine

Daijô was born in Osaka and graduated from the Kyoto Municipal Painting College. In 1912 he studied western painting at the Kansai Art Institute. He moved to the film industry in 1923 when he set up the New Shinkansha Movie Research Institute. After dissolving the Shinkansha in 1935, he returned to painting, concentrating on Japanese techniques. In 1937 he established the Dainichi Art Institute. He was a realistic painter, known for his still lifes. He visited Europe and China and had many solo exhibitions.

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