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37.2 Katô Eizô (1906-1972)
Modern Nihonga
Natsu migawa, Summer’s waterside
Signed: Eizô
Technique: earthenware with blue underglaze paintings on top and bottom. 16.5 x 18 x 3.5
Box: signed
Condition: fine

Eizō was born in Gifu's Mizono-chō, son of a lacquerware merchant. He graduated from Gifu Commercial High School in 1923. In 1926, he went to the Tokyo School of Fine Arts and studied Nihonga for five years. After his graduation, he participated in several exhibitions. Many of his works were destroyed in the Gifu air raids of July 9 1945. In1991, the Eizō & Tōichi Katō Memorial Art Museum was opened in Gifu. Katō Tōichi (1916-1996) was Eizō’s younger brother.

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