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Gassaku by Takaku Aigai (1796-1843), Baikei and one other

Lobster and crabs
Signed: Baikei, Sorin Gaishi sha and unread
Seals: unread
Technique: sumi and some colours on coated paper 14,7 x 45,5
Condition: used, good

Aigai was born in Shimotsuke, Eastern Japan. He went to Edo in 1816 where he became a pupil of Tani Bunchô (1763-1840). He studied old Chinese paintings and travelled extensively in Northern Japan where he sold his sketches to keep him moving around. He settled in Kyoto for a while where he studied and copied old paintings in temples. Only much later he returned to Edo.

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Araki p. 2776-2780

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