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Hijiya Bunkei (1899-1951)
Modern Nanga
Matsukaze Takashi sencha - Making tea with wind through the pines
Signed: Bunkei gaishi
Seals: Hijiya no in, Bunkeii
Technique: sumi and some colours on paper 135.8 x 33.1
Date: 1934 in the 8th of summer
Mounting: grey and gold silk
dark woodedn rollers, 201 x 43
Condition: very good

Bunkei was born in Shikoku Marugame, Kagawa Prefecture. He was an independent modern literati painter who lived and worked in Osaka. For more than ten years he remained a student with Himejima Chikugai (1840-1928). After his travels to China and Korea he found his style in the works of early Qing individualists. President Iida of Takashimaya was a great fan and a collector of his work and provided Bunkei with annual exhibitions at Takashimaya. He was also known as a good haiku poet.
After his death Bunkei was still only known to a small group of passionate collectors and supporters.

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