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Hirao Chikka (1856-1939)
Kashibachi, fruit bowl - Ju - Gogfuku tenrai, Longevity, Five divine bats
Signed: Nanjûgosô Chikka sanjin
Technique: Beige brittle kyôyaki, with multi coloured underglaze decorations of bats Ø 18.5 x 7.9
Date: 1930
Condition: fine

Chikka was born as the son of a potter in the service of the kiln of the daimyô of Sasayama, Tanba prefecture (nowadays called Hyôgu). In Kyoto Chikka became a pupil of the Shijô school painter Shiokawa Bunrin (1808-1877). After his death Chikka studied with the Nanga painter Tanômura Chokunyû (1814-1907).
He traveled extensively with his teacher and on his own, absorbing various local traditions. An important artist who assisted in the founding of the Nihon Nanga-in organization of painters.

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